Start List/Liste de Départ: All-in

The theme of this start list is “all-in.” Dedication. Obsession. Imbalance. Be lopsided.

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I don’t know if that’s good life advice, but it’s good advice if you want to be really good at one thing. Maybe that thing is running.

You can tell by his blog that Rob Watson is a little lopsided. But, hey, the guy just ran his first marathon, so give him a break!

I wonder how dehydrated he was at the end of it? Apparently, more is better?

This link applies to mental performance, as in exams, but I wonder if there is a connection to the Lydiardian idea of frequent time trials…apparently doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results does not mean you’re crazy…if you’re a runner.

Speaking of lopsided, let’s talk Ironman Triathletes. The link is to Sweat Science, but this video is funnier:

Oh, triathletes. How do you do it? Trimes features Alex Hinton, and the RTC is encouraging starting young!

Nice video clip at the end of this one. I wonder where they got it? Good job triathletes in the 3k on the weekend!

Finally, do you really want to go all-in? Most of us are part-timers: coaches have a day job, athletes are students. But here are two opportunities to make endurance sport your real job. One in Ontario, in the tri sector, and the other in Quebec, comme directeur administratif de la fédération québecoise d’athletisme. Big jobs!