Start List/Liste de Départ: Catch up.

Lots of action this weekend on the track, so we’re a bit behind on the blogroll:

Number one link: Sweatscience has a book coming out. Buy it!

Topping the list of best advice (now confirmed scientifically): Don’t skip breakfast!

Also on the reading list: an article about Long Term Athlete Development from RTC.

On the same topic: talent and the 10,000 hour rule. Sorry Malcolm Gladwell, you’ve been debunked!

Two from Marco Cardinale, one on the effects of Testosterone and Cortisol, and something about sleep and teenagers.

Sweatscience does the stairs and turns down the thermostat.

In reference to an article we linked here last week, Sweatscience does that reality check thing about marathoners and heart health.

On the Canadian Marathoner front: Reid Coolsaet continues his Kenyan training camp, a rare update from Eric Gillis and one from Dylan Wykes.

Training Day for the triathletes in Guelph

The Guelph rookies are back on the blogging train. Interestingly, they experienced a similar problem with Google, to our friends at Trimes. Something must be going on at Google.