Start List/Liste de Départ: Day off

Man, you miss one day…

Matt Hulse is having trouble filling in the blanks.

Rob Waston loves his new phone, and is in awe of the internet.

Steve Weiler and the LRDC group will be hosting Rob on Saturday at their workout. Steve’s latest blog laments the lack of long-distance runners in Canada. Still only 3 women at the AO 10,000m champs: sad.

Malindi Elmore reports on her 1500m in Doha. She had been hoping for a breakthrough.

Trevor Caldwell is lacking momentum.

Dylan Wykes describes his 10,000m race at Payton Jordan.

Peter Corrigan tells us how tough altitude training is.

Another list from LFTR. 20 Factors that determine racing success.

Sweat Science confirms their bias.