Start List/Liste De Départ: Digging a hole

Ottawa race weekend was messy. Lots of casualties, lots of damage, and some good performances, too. Meanwhile, I dug a bunch of trenches on Mount Sutton.

Dylan Wykes reports that his season is done. Not a bad season at all!

Jane Cullis (DNF) had this to say in her pre-race post.

Rob Watson on his Ottawa performance via Twitter: “Dear god! Great effort, average result. I can live with that.” Wow a runner who doesn’t self-criticise! Nice! Here’s his pre-race blog about a trip to the USA. More quotes from the blog, because it’s just too good:

“This is a reoccurring theme in running. Stuff that is awesome/enjoyable won’t help, but stuff that is lame/uncomfortable will make ya faster. Check it.
Ice baths-lame. Hot tubs-awesome!
Core and weights-exhausting. Sitting around watching youtube videos-rad.
Morning runs-too tired for this junk. Sleeping in- hells ya.
Beet Juice-sucks balls. Chocolate milkshakes- bathe in that shit.
Sports massage- friggen hurt like hell. Other types of bodily rubbing- well, you know.
The list goes on and on. Man, runners are dumb.”

Bekele is back. Yes, that Bekele.

Good advice from Frank Shorter.

Kevin Rooke ran his first ever 5000m this week. He reports that that 4th K is the killer. Indeed it is.

Adam Campbell has a bit of a melancholy post this weekend.

Steve Osiaduk’s daughter is really cute. She named her fish Fred. Then they ate Fred. Now she misses Fred. There’s some stuff about running in the blog, too.

Leslie Sexton has been PBing the crap out the track lately.

Ian Donald challenges his brother pre-1500 this weekend (Two posts–he didn’t go under 4:00).

Amélie Kretz, who graces us with her presence from time to time at the track, has been away in the Czech Republic at an ETU Junior race. Here is her race report (en français).

How about vegetarianism?

André LeFort took a little vacation, but he’s back now.

A post from Sweatscience gets hot under the collar!

More barefoot stuff.

Team Pennington has a site update. Looks just like Derek Nakluski’s blog. Templates FTW!