Start List/Liste de Départ: Does anyone speak Dutch?

Here’s how Eric Gillis spent the last week (Hint: he was running a lot).

Jeremy Walsh was running, too.

Dylan Wykes brings us his new race rating system. Very tasty!

A double-race report from Steve Osiaduk.

Here’s something interesting: a breakdown of some of the training of Imane Merga, World Cross champ.

Normally I would avoid any talk of Lance Armstrong, but Trimes points us to a very in-depth look at The Man and how the whole thing went down. I’ll admit, I kind of have the same sort of thoughts about some of the world record holders in distance running. Hearing stories from guys who were in Europe with some of the record breakers…it gives one pause. But I don’t really know. I have no proof. I’m just saying, it would not surprise me. It would make me sad, but it would not surprise me at all.

Sweat Science, back to the big question: is there such a thing as an ideal running stride? Yes: as fast as possible.

Another very good question: What to eat before you run? For more on the subject, check out the videos from the Feet and Fuel session on Runnerspace.

By the way, if you were wondering where Lauren went…she’s seen Bob.

In case you missed it:
Lasalle Road Race went down this weekend.
And: 2011-2012 Quebec University racing schedule has been announced.

Finally: Dutch Battle (via Mzungo). I find this video to be awesome. The dutch techno (I love the pause during the recovery), the safety vest, the fact that they have “fans” for a workout… I think the workout is: 10mile tempo, then 2x1k, 2x2k, 4k, 6k. Or something like that. 32k total. These guys fuel on the go really well, too. If anyone speaks Dutch and wants to translate, I’d like to know what they are saying. So…I can’t promise fans, but we’ll try to get a workout video up for our group one of these days. We can only hope it will be as cool as this.

Parcoursverkenning Utrecht from Losse Veter on Vimeo.