Start List/Liste de Départ: Drayton Still King

Jerome Drayton’s record did not go down on Sunday in Toronto, but that didn’t stop the day from being a success and truely a high point in recent Canadian men’s distance running history. Eric Gillis qualified for London 2012, squeaking in under the standard at 2:11:27.3, and Reid Coolsaet solidified his spot with a PB of 2:10:55, also good for 3rd overall in the race.

Dylan Wykes ran a nice race, sub-2:13, but he’s a little down.
I don’t know what that last bit about the powers that be means. Is he hoping to get selected for London on the strength of his race Sunday? (It was well below IAAF standard, of course, just not below AC standard) Is he talking about carding? Maybe it’s just a throwaway, but I’m curious.

John Mason continues to blog, checking in on his not-perfect half marathon, Sunday.

Jeremy Walsh won the 5k in Toronto in 15:37.

Yes, there was a death, but Trimes says, don’t be put off by that. Look at all the old people that survived! (and maybe, in one case, out-ran you!)

Derek Nakluski won the Detroit Marathon to stay undefeated this fall, though he says he’s done with that distance.

Lauren Fleshman is psyched for the NYC marathon. She’s not alone!

UQAM is new to the CIS XC scene, but they are coming together nicely as a team.

Stretching proven useless by science.
Actually, what it says is that stretching does not do what we think it does. And do vitamins do what we think they do?

A request for feedback from barefoot runners, from Flintland.

Geoff Martinson is going home for a rest. And a race.

Triathlon Quebec is looking for a technical director.

Triathlon season is winding down, but there’s one more race for the Triathlon Code crew.

Patrice Hamelin is shutting it down, though.

Some rambling running thoughts.

Beware the Nouveau Riche Runner.