Start List/Liste de Départ: Édition St. Jean Baptiste

Not clear why this particular saint is of importance to Quebecers, considering he ended up losing his head, but hey, it’s a holiday, so why not?

André LeFort is on a bit of a down since the 1500 last weekend.

Also, an interesting post from André about how he calculated his 1500m goal pace.

18-month-aversary for Trimes. Go visit them and tell them why you love them.

Best foods for weight loss? Yogurt and nuts. Worst: French fries. A blow is struck against Poutine!
Sweat Science looks at acclimation to cold temperatures.

Canadian nationals are under way. Lots of action. Live Results here.

Geoff Martinson is getting ready for the 1500 semi-final.

What is running? Deep question.

So we’re going to try to beef up both our science section, and our french content. Here’s a new running science blog called Science-based Running. Should be interesting to see what they post. Et, on va voir si Le Physiologiste pourra nous écrire quelques articles interessants.