Start List/Liste de départ: Festival of the work

It’s Labour Day, and I think runners know a thing or two about labouring.

It’s not work for Lucy Smith though. It just is.

Lauren Fleshman worked hard. This is poignant: “June 24th: 8th in the USA. September 2nd: 7th in the World.”

Martinson de-briefs us on what’s on his mind as the season ends.

Article on the women’s 800m final.

Work? How about a 50k long run. Jane Cullis, folks.

Sweatscience hard at work with four links:

Endurance athletes and heart rhythm disorders. Interesting.

Intensity vs duration.

Effects of jet-lag (man, I feel like mine lasted a good 10 days).

Improve your marathon by sitting at your desk. Yeah, right. Wait, that doesn’t sound like work…

Derek Nakluski is going to line-up in Detroit on October 16th. Wonder why he doesn’t want to do TO the same day?

Zatopek knows work.

Jeremy Walsh is going to get a dog.

His dog would not be as cool as Concordia’s dogs, though.