Start List/Liste de Départ: For the children

Adam Hortion runs a little prep for the up-coming Montreal Half, and also speaks to elementary school kids in Virginia.

As I commented on the post at Sweat Science, the idea of science examining the benefits of something like yoga sort of misses the point for me. The point isn’t how it works, the point is that it does work. I’m sure people have done that (there have been studies on prayer, I believe), but I don’t know how useful that is, because if you convert to religion because science proved it was true, well, then you are missing the point. I think the same could be said for yoga.

Paula Radcliffe, still wondering what went wrong.

Ian Donald with a post on H8ers. He H8s them.

Top Canadian distance runner Malindi Elmore has a blog. So does Lanni Marchant, who was second in the Around the Bay 30k last weekend. And Matt Hulse, miler out of Kingston.

We keep coming across great blogs, so we will keep adding them!

Trimes has been sold! Yet another winner in the online sports blog sweepstakes, Alex St. Jalm was last seen on Ste. Catherine making it rain, shouting “Show me the money, bitches!!!”