Start List/Liste de Départ: Gaming the System

It’s not really cheating if you just position various bits of reality around you in such a way as to create an impression that is greater than the sum of its parts…especially if you are meeting the girlfriend’s parents and you write Le Blog du Rob!

Here’s an interview by François Bourdeau with Caballo Blanco, of Mexican running fame.

The Oz needs a reset.

Lucy Smith is inspired by recovery.

Adam and Tim help with Christmas shopping ideas. I got all my shopping done last month…

Patrice Hamelin maps out his most recent tempo run.

Meggan Franks drops some wisdom on numbers. They are good to know, but not the whole picture. They can motivate you, or bring you down. Your choice. One thing Meggan likes to count are her Brooks shoes!

Nothing like inspiration from the Bard!

Daniel Riou follows up on his Gatorade post.

Geoff Harris’s family also has a Crokinole championship. I thought the Flynns were the only ones. We should have a family showdown.

Ever wonder why you feel so tired after exams? Workouts are harder, but, hey it was only your brain you were using, what gives?…turns out you might have been using your muscles, too.

Peter Corrigan is looking for something to write about.

Trimes has a video of the Hanson’s group in training.

One by one, the running shoe myths are falling. Arch height? Unimportant.