Start List/Liste de Départ: Go big or go home

Last weekend I missed out on what sounds like a great weekend in Vancouver. The Canadian Athletics Coaching Centre put on the National Endurance Conference. The one particular message that comes out of it was this: “run as many miles as you safely can.”

Steve Weiler shares some of his thoughts on the conference. He also noticed the “run a lot” theme.

Malindi Elmore learned a few things at the conference. And if she can learn something… (also cool that she seems to let slip that she may be moving up to 5000m this year!)

Cam Levins runs a lot of miles. I wonder if there’s a point of diminishing returns there. I mean, he’s good, but he’s not in the top elite of the world. Does he have room to grow?

Rob Jackson ponders the high mileage question, as well.

Even 1:47 800m runners are doing mileage.
Gotta say, I like the fact that the Victoria/Scottsdale group is doing a winter build-up very similar to the one we are doing.

Dave Cavall, a fan of mileage, is scaling back…on his blogging.

Dylan Wykes has written a blog post, sharing a few interesting links.

In between doing interviews, Kelsall is doing box jumps.

Coach Félix recaps the CAUL’s solid weekend of racing.

Brenna Walsh talks about Sunday runs.

Meggan Franks shares some training, despite her daughter’s illness.

Jeremy Walsh talks about training and stuff…but he buries the lede: he’s making a Christmas sweater!

Looking for a Christmas gift for someone? Trimes and Sweatscience have some suggestions.

Course à Pied dot ca shares some links.