Start List/Liste de Départ: “He’s more machine than man now”

You may think that IBM’s Watson’s domination on Jeopardy has nothing to do with running, but it is actually a harbinger of things to come. The Guelph rookies make the connection as they investigate the first ever Robot marathon. Only in Japan of course.

Chris Winter might wish he was part robot, as he struggles through his injury problems.

Rob Watson on the other hand, is 100% human. How else to explain the completely emotional, irrational decisions he describes in his latest blogdurob. It sounds like Rob could use an I’m Awesome Collage.

Or maybe he’s not getting enough of that runner’s high. Sweat Science looks at a possible connection between runner’s high and, uh, you know, actually getting high. Hutch also adds another thought or two to the stride length/frequency discussion.

Reid Coolsaet finished 5th in the Hannut Cross Cup, but didn’t get any appearance money because the race director thought he was lying about his times. Come on, it’s not like he ran those times at a Kenyan junior XC meet or something…

Ian Donald talks about how swimming is tough. Yes it is. I would make a triathlete joke here except the point is kind of that it’s no joke. Swimming is hard.

Finally, a new blog has been added to the roll: Ask Lauren Fleshman. An interesting discussion going on re: mileage, and some advice on dealing with injury.