Start List/Liste de Départ: Lapointe=dangerous

It’s always fun to look back at predictions and see how right or wrong they were. As I said, the predictions made here were for fun, and were based on a simple compilation of numbers, not any kind of critical thought or analysis. So when Jean-Samuel Lapointe ended up 11th in the rankings, it was not a personal slight, even though it seems poor J-S always gets the short end of the Montreal Endurance stick. After a fine performance by several Quebec runners in the Boston Valentine Invite 3k last February, we made a point of naming and praising them all, except J-S who did not run as well as expected. Under the radar was the fact that J-S had also run a 1k that day. But it’s not fair: we love the guy! So today is Jean-Samuel Lapointe day at Montreal Endurance. Everyone should wear orange sunglasses and dance like a fool! Here’s his team’s recap of the weekend. Aussi, Merci Charles pour le photo du Start List.

Another champ from the weekend, Ben Raymond has a blog. His recap is there.

Here are some of my thoughts on the weekend.

Guelph won the OUA track
cross-country championships this weekend. You’ll get the joke when you see the picture. They won it in poetic fashion, too. Or at least, with a poem as inspiration.

ST FX men won the AUS.

Trimes has an interesting post about swimming. In swimming, you should work first on speed, then on endurance. So swimming is the opposite of running.

Patrice Hamelin has some thoughts about bike training. Here’s a sample workout for a home trainer.

Lauren Fleshman is waiting for the marathon to begin.Or is that to end? One more week.

Here’s an interesting two-part discussion of Trojan Horse syndrome. Part one. Part two. It’s a bit sarcastic and over-the-top, but I suppose there is a kernel of truth in there somewhere…It’s a very old school bit of thinking. Not saying that’s good or bad.

Kevin Rooke has a video up. Three weeks to nationals, he says.

UV exposure is less dangerous in the morning. So if you are worried about that, workout early!

Geoff Martinson thanks Prince George.

Power Balance bracelets are useless. In case there was any doubt, here’s some science to back it up.

Flintland reviews some gear: a hydration vest.