Start List/Liste de Départ: Marathon Season!

Big weekend for the marathon. World record set in Berlin (some really interesting pacing data at that link), Haile drops out, and Montreal is won in a pretty quick 2:13 (considering the course). Trimes is concerned about the lack of coverage of the Montreal race. This may be a good point, but I have to say, chapeau to the people of Montreal who seem to have gotten out yesterday morning in great numbers to cheer the runners on. I’ve jogged around and watched as well as raced (5k and 10k) this weekend, and I’ve never seen such crowds. Well done! As for runners, wow, again, I don’t think Montreal has seen such numbers before. Lots of students hopefully starting some good habits. Probably a large swell of them were in the half, not the marathon, but seeing the endless waves of people coming up St. Laurent, under the train bridge and making the turn onto Bellechasse made me think I was at some “real” big city marathon! So well done, Montreal, you had a good weekend!

Jeremy Walsh has a doppleganger, and also tries to explain light speed.

A little extra fat to slow us down as we get older could be a good thing.
Or not.

Jane is breaking down.
That’s normal pre-marathon, but maybe her situation is a little worse.

Dylan Wykes wrote a blog.

There was also the Canadian 10k road championships this weekend at the Metro Toronto Zoo. Rob Watson was there.

Adam Campbell continues his series of blogs about awesome runs. This guy lives the life!

Kelsall isn’t feeling great.

Surging and Herb Elliott

Fatigue and ice tubs.

Strongmen vs marathoners.

There was an ITU tri in Buffalo this weekend, with lots of Canadians present.

New blog: The Running Clinic. This is Blaise Dubois’ blog. First up: the running shoe debate.