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A little town in Belgium produces some fast times, but not fast enough.

And in a related post,
Malindi Elmore blogs about why Canadians don’t race more in Europe.

It’s a tough time out there for Canadians. Brennan told what position he has to race in. Elmore can’t even get into a race due to restrictions on non-Europeans. There are complaints that Athletics Canada is not doing enough to help, but what can they do? Is a meet director in Belgium beholden to a foreign federation? No. Even if there were some diplomatic ties between AC and the Belgium federation, could there really be enough to trickle down to the meet level? Doubtful. What AC has done is created a national race series that has spots reserved for Canadians. The reason Canadians go to Europe is to get fast times. This year, for the first time in a while, there were some Europe-level performances here at home. So while it’s tough out there, maybe things are moving in the right direction. Patience is always a virtue in all things distance running. 😉

Who needs a coach, anyway?

Steven Magness and the Science of Running blog is back with some high speed videos.
Sometimes a walk is nice, too.

Ryan Noel-Hodge is living the good life. Workin’, runnin’, cleanin’…

Triathlon provincials in Ontario.

Hamelin is showing us the numbers.

André Lefort is working through his eye issues.