Start List/Liste de Départ: No, you’re not a marathoner

I like Trimes because they don’t pull punches. Steve Weiler already wrote about the absurdity of the “half marathon” distance, and that, we can live with. But 1/4 marathon? 1/8 marathon? Does that make you feel good? Cause it makes you look stupid.

Sweatscience says you DO have a kick, even if you think you don’t. Or rather, if you think you do, you do. Get it?

Some thoughts about coaching. It’s not as simple as it looks.

Chuckie V also has some wise things to say about coaching. It’s being in business to go out of business.

Trevor Caldwell is in the home stretch of marathon training, and of course that means he’s looking for a way out.

School starts this week, so here is something, not exactly running related, but interesting nonetheless. Love makes it harder for girls to do math. Don’t hit me, just read the link!