Start List/Liste de Départ: One in a million

Un article de fond sur la triathlète Québecoise Kathy Tremblay.

Trimes fait beaucoup sur le “gear” et normalement, on laisse passer, mais un app de Sportstats ça pourrait être interessant.

L’ancienne Martlet de McGill Jane Cullis discute de ses blessures récents. Si tout va bien on acceuillera Jane le 17 avril au 21k MTL.

Andrew Lemoncello talks about the importance of sticking with the training, and trusting that just getting through it is going to make you better, even if every day is not ideal.

When we talk about training theory, we usually refer to certain accepted truths, but the reality is that, as Peter Coe said, “every athlete is an experiment of one.” Steve Magness looks at how scientific studies privilege the “average” result, which means coaches should use caution in assuming that the same kind of training will work for everyone. Or, put another way, that every athlete will respond the same way to a particular kind of training. Magness turns it around to say that it’s not the athlete not responding, but the coach or researcher not applying the right stimulus to get that athlete to improve. Food for thought.

Nick Symmonds talks about turning points in a career, and the confidence it can give a runner. There are a few more parts to this interview that you can check out over at Flotrack.

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