Start List/Liste de Départ: One week to CIS

TNF North is having a CIS prediction contest. Get in on it here.

Evan Andrin puts his predictions down on paper. Or on…internet.

Triathlon Canada selects Whitfield and Findlay to London 2012. Telling quote:

“We believe early selection will allow her to focus on maintaining her health while properly preparing to compete at her best in London without chasing standards over the next seven months,” said Alan Trivett, executive director, Triathlon Canada.

That’s a pretty smart thing to do. And more about triathlon, an interview with the Brownlees.

A post (en français) about the myth of lactate causing fatigue.

Jane goes to the pool. Hilarious.

Dehydration in the lab vs. the real world. Interesting discussion at Sweatscience.

Check this guy out. Looks like Jesus on a trail run.

Anaerobic training for high school kids: bad idea.

RTC Guelph with a really insightful observation about training. Long term, people. Long term.