Start List/Liste de Départ: post-nationals hangover

So nationals was this past weekend and we were treated to the usual sit-and-kick tactical games. I wonder if anyone in that 1500m final really thought they were going to out-kick either Nathan Brennan or Taylor Milne? Did it not occur to anyone with a seed time in the high 40s/low 50s that maybe going out at 3:45 pace would at least ensure them of running a good time, where letting the pack roll through at 4:00 pace was a recipe for getting dropped? Let’s see what the blogs have to say…

For Chris Winter, it was a victory just to start the race. (3k steeple)

Les gars de Laval vont rester dans l’ouest pour les courses de NTL en C.B.

Geoff Martinson finished 3rd in the 1500, and is cool with that.

Matt Lincoln posted about making the final, but didn’t give an idea of what his strategy might be.

Seriously, someone please tell me why they would let the race get out like that.

Meanwhile, Peterborough rivals Fredericton as runner-heckling capital of Canada.

Speaking of Fredericton (very tangentially: it’s where I met him), Jay is out in Vancouver now, and trying to balance running life with real life. Aren’t we all?
But maybe running is real life.

Matt Hulse is biking in the rain.

Here’s an interesting formula for “Long Slow Distance.”
Two years of base phase, 30k a day, 20:1 volume: quality.

Jane’s got a sponsorship from Adidas. Nice!

Muscular endurance is linked to running economy (SweatScience).

The on-going question: beer as rehydration, yay or nay? Most would say Yay! but the scientific answer seems to be nay. Or at least, beer is not better than water. Fair enough.
Also from this site (Science-based running) is a post on marathoning and heart disease. A good sign: they recognise that the link is complex.