Start List/Liste de Départ: Race week

It’s race week for our training group this week. Finally, after a good month of training, we will take to the mondo, first in Ottawa Wednesday night for a little tune-up, then Saturday in Boston to really burn it up.

In the meantime, here are some links:

Even more minimalism talk. Sweatscience has three different perspectives to share. Of note: the whole “cavemen ran barefoot” thing might have slightly different implications for elite runners doing high volume. Good to check out. Trimes also links to one of the minimalist articles, and adds some interesting commentary of his own.

How best to acclimatize to heat?
You have to actually run in it.

Reid Coolsaet has all the coverage from Speed River’s trip to the Music City Distance Carnival, in which he ran another season’s best in the 5000m, though still not fast enough to match his fitness, so he says.

Paula Findlay wins again.

Update from Marilyn Arsenault. It’s hot in Victoria!

Good advice from Lauren Fleshman on what she would tell a collegiate team about eating disorders. Also, further thoughts about the whole Female Athlete Triad: Lauren went on the radio to talk about it.

Ian Donald might have an attention span disorder…

Know your running history. Who was John Davies?

Do fancy watches help you run faster?

Jay MacDonald got lost and went for a longer run than planned.

Chris Winter makes every day count. And he’s got a new picture on his blog!

André Lefort on being injured.

Neat video from Flotrack: Bernard Lagat.

Watch more videos on Flotrack