Start List/Liste de Départ: Reboot

The first of November for some marked the restarting of training after a fall marathon, and, at Trimes, a pledge to share that training with the world (or at least with Facebook friends). He’s taking a page out of Patrice Hamelin’s book.

Deux blogues Québecois, dont l’un de Joel Massol et l’autre, Daniel Riou. Bonne lecture!

Félix résume les exploits du Rouge et Or à Chicoutimi.

Watch the River for some thoughts on the language of encouragement.

You know how people are always complaining about top marathon times (in Quebec and Canada) getting slower? Well, apparently, average fitness has actually increased since the 1970s. Obviously there is a big difference between average fitness and top marathon times, but still, it’s nice to hear.

And by the way, top marathon times (in the world) have never been faster. I mean, they are really fast. The top ten times in the world since 2009 are faster than the world record in 2002.

Our best thinking happens out on the run. Here are some thoughts.

Being flexible helps you manage your emotions under stress.

Tri pics from Myrtle Beach. I went there when I was 12.