Start List/Liste de Départ: Record breaking!

Adam Campbell set a new Canadian 50mile record, and was crowned national 50mile champ this weekend. That’s almost two marathons in a row in 5:44. Dude is hardcore. And he’s really a little guy, too, you should see him! Haha, jk, man! Congrats Adam!

Reid Coolsaet is lining up two races soon. 5000m in London on May 24th and 10,000m at the Prefontaine Classic on June 4th. Interesting video there, too, about his nutrition and supplementation habits.

Ian Donald tells his calves: “we’re on the same team!”

Geoff Harris blogs that there is nothing much to report. Thanks for that, Geoff! Actually, he mentions a 600m all-out workout and his next race. Not really nothing.

Ça Roule À Québec a créé un petit vidéo des courses de samedi. Vous pouvez aussi voir les courses au complet à Montreal Endurance.

Adding a little pick-up to the warm-up can actually be quite helpful. More science backing up things I’ve always kinda noticed.

Does fat matter? I guess it does, although personally I subscribe to the eat whatever doesn’t make me feel crappy model of nutrition. Probably not ideal for athletic performance, but fine for coaching performance.