Start List/Liste de Départ: Records and rankings

Dayna Pidhoresky’s half-marathon time will not count as a Canadian record.

CIS XC rankings: Laval men stay at 7th, McGill women are up to 5th again.

Il y a maintenant un débat au Québec sur le dopage dans le cyclisme. Un débat? Really?

The Kiwis are impressed with Coolsaet and Gillis. (thanks to Trimes for the link) Also, love that he propositions Sheila Reid (even if she is not in Speed River).

Steve Weiler recounts the good day LRDC athletes had in Toronto, as Leslie Sexton won the half marathon, and Matt Suda was 7th on the men’s side.

Adam Campbell is out of the mountains and into the desert.

How much do we slow down as we get older?
Let me know, I don’t want to look!