Start List/Liste de Départ: Shake Your Foundations

Some new limks today. Dominican tri and swim champ Javier Cuevas is rolling with our group in Montreal. Here are a couple updates from his blog: his return to training, and an account of his recent national championship win back home in D.R.

Adam Campbell’s TNF50 in pictures and video.

Trimes has an award for Mo Farah. Video included.

Gestures reveal our thoughts more than words. In other words, I know when I’m being misled.

Rob Watson returns to training properly. He may have come up short in his last two marathons (short of his own expectations anyway), but all that training did not disappear as a result. He’s still a threat for London.

Also in the running for London is a fellow you may have heard of: Simon Bairu. Bairu is running Houston to try to qualify for London, and he will be running for charity, too. Read about it in Athletics Illustrated.

Where do cramps come from? Weakness, son. You cramp because you are weak.

Time for your running report card. How do you stack up? I had lots of Fs.

Peter Corrigan and his group got robbed during a workout. Luckily, they managed to chase down the culprits. Lost in that story is the fact that they seemed to be doing a workout shirtless. Lucky bastards!

One step back to take two steps forward. That’s what Patty Hams is saying, and it applies to a lot of athletes this time of year. Be patient with the training. Tings might seem easy right now, but just stick to the plan, and make sure you are healthy, because now you are working on your foundation for the whole year to come.

Running shoe retailers are meeting in Austin, Texas this week, and there was some vigorous debate on shoes and shoe science. Blaise Dubois has his side of the story here. I have heard Simon Bartold speak, and I have to agree with Blaise’s assessment of the man: he knows how to play his audience. About shoe selection, I’ll say this: it’s not as personal as you think, nor is it as scientific as you think. I choose my shoes based on comfort, not on type or science. I put them on my feet, and let my feet tell me if I will be comfortable in them or not. My fiancée, who has been running for just a year, and who runs considerably less than I do (so is maybe more the type of runner who would “benefit” from “expert” advice, chooses her shoes based on colour. She’s a fashionista, what do you want? After that, it’s by feel. So here’s some advice to shoe stores and shoe companies: continue to make lots of different styles of shoe, because, yes, everyone is different. But don’t sell them on science, because your science can’t possibly be individual. Sell them on comfort, because that’s the most important issue.