Start list/Liste de Départ: Spittin’ from a bridge

Reid Coolsaet’s blog title made me listen to all of Road Apples yesterday afternoon, so now we’re going to go with Hip title for the next little while. Name that tune!

Jane Cullis recaps her weekend in Montreal.

Derek Nakluski also has a recap.

The Lincoln Logs are back. Matt’s got a little foot problem, but he’s going to race 800m this weekend anyway. Geoff Harris will race that one, too.

David Le Porho of Montreal was Canada’s top finisher at the Boston Marathon, Monday.

Adnré Lefort previews his next 5k by setting some goals.

Bruce Deacon blogs again! It’s been about a year since he posted. He’s back training and racing, too, having just run 32:00 at the Sun Run.

More discussion on whether it should be a record or not. Runner’s World says no, but that it’s a great performance nonetheless. That article is notable for it’s use of the phrase “smell of taint.” Canadian Running magazine’s take is less vulgar, but no less interesting. Reknown coach Renato Canova gives his opinion on Let’s Run.

Sweat Science on training low–that is, low on carbs.

Here’s a new blog from a kid named Kevin Rooke. He’s from Ontario, and he’s heading up to Alaska this fall to go to school and run. Here’s a post featuring some video from the big AK.