Start List/Liste de Départ: stop on the street and say hi!

Ryan Noel-Hodge is deliberating deliberateness.

Recovery through fast-freezing.

Peter Corrigan says it’s raining in Arizona.

Matt Lincoln is suitably annoyed that CBC’s Canadian Athlete of the year is a horse and it’s coked-up jockey. WTF?

Kara Goucher promotes her husband’s awesome book.

Reid Coolsaet ranked 3rd in NA in the marathon this year. Yet his hometown paper continues to ignore him. Seriously, it’s Hamilton: what else do they have to write about?

Did you know there is a Kenyan enclave in Lethbridge, Alberta? Athletics Illustrated has the story.

I’m not much for gear posts, but I like this one because it’s kind of an anti-gear list.

What happens when you drink Gatorade anyway?