Start list/Liste de Départ: Super Tuesday!

Why Super Tuesday? Well, because we haven’t had a start list for three days now, so there should be lots of links! And that’s super!

Introducing a new blog: Feet Fail Me Not. This is Trevor Caldwell’s blog. He’s part of a little group in Toronto that’s been quietly cranking up the miles. Trevor ran 29:45 for 10k at Mount Sac a couple weeks ago. That’s awesome. Trevor is one of my favourite people in the running community. He’s a quiet guy, who never has a bad race, in the sense that you can always tell he’s giving it his best. Follow this blog.

Dylan Wykes runs 13:43 in Oregon for a new 5k PB. On a whim. Here’s the vid:

Here’s a good summer read. John L. Parker wrote more than just Once a Runner.

London Runner had some athletes at the downtown 5k in London this weekend. Andre Lefort’s finish is caught on video. He managed to achieve his goal, running a solid 17:10.

Jeremy Walsh did not compete as he is taking it eas, but he was the one doing the video. And here are some pictures.

Coolsaet’s toe is acting up again.

Peter Corrigan ran a solid 3:51 in his 1500 opener. Meanwhile Matt Lincoln opened with an 800m in 1:50. He finished third behind Andrew Ellerton, and Geoff Harris.

Geoff Martinson doesn’t quit on his workout as he prepares for a 5k at Payton Jordon.

Malindi Elmore expresses what a lot of us are thinking about this time of year.

Kevin Rooke talks about running tunes. Three of my all-favourite songs are on his list. Two are easy to guess, the third, maybe not as much.

Adam Campbell has finished law school and has turned into a goat.

Marilyn Arsenault returns to the blogosphere.

Kelsall has a neat race video, shot from a bike.

More talk about the Boston Marathon.

Ryan Hall talks marathon tactics.

Nate Pennington update.

Does Vitamin C block gains from training? Sweat Science reports.