Start List/Liste de Départ: The final countdown

We are only a few days away from marathon weekend! The biggest weekend in Canadian marathoning in some time. Well, maybe in a year, because last year was pretty good, too. In any case, TNFNorth has some great interviews with the principles. The latest is with Bluenoser Eric Gillis.
Dylan Wykes has his own last minute thoughts as well.
Trevor Caldwell still might give it a go.

Since we are over at TNFNorth, there’s an interesting discussion going on about what constitutes a proper base-phase. You’ve probably been doing it wrong, according to the late John Walsh, aka Hadd. It’s worth a read.

Back to the marathon, unfortunately, one of Canada’s top female marathoners, Jane Cullis, won’t make it to the line. She tore her shin. Yes, that’s right, tore. She was supposed to run Chicago, but hoped the extra week to heal would allow her to run in Toronto. It is not to be. But at least she’s upbeat about it. /ducks!

Check out Kara Goucher’s blog. It’s been a year since baby was delivered, and training has commenced.

And her husband’s blog, too. There are actually two posts. Enjoy them both. We are confirmed Gouch-heads at Montreal Endurance.

Trimes describes a day in the life of Simon Whitfield. You know who he is, right?

As coaches, we often ask ourselves: am I doing any good here? When things go well, we let the athlete take credit. When things go poorly, we shoulder the blame. At least I do. I feel bad if things don’t go as planned, and even if it’s because the athlete didn’t do the work, I try to figure out what else I could have done. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him swim. But you can talk him out of it…

Prostate screening? Yay or nay?

Also below the belt: Kelsall.

Try a little meditation? It works.

Can training change your genetics? Maybe.

Kevin Rooke is getting chilly. Yeah, buddy, you’re in Alaska.
Flintland has a new look and a new mission.

Finally, if any of you have ever read Running with the Buffaloes, you know who Chris Severy is. Was. Yesterday was the anniversary of his passing. Goucher and Catalano remember.