Start List/Liste de Départ: The Phalanx

I learned last night while watching a documentary on war, narrated by Walter Cronkite that Phalanx means “roller.” I like it.

Via Trimes, the top 10 reasons why coaches fail.

Interview with Khadevis Robinson, in which he talks about his friendship with Gary Reed.
“Experiences for life…who cares about the racing.” Good attitude.

The Knee Knacker race happens this weekend. Here’s Adam Campbell’s take on what it’s all about.

Oz still hoping to run TO this fall.
In the meantime he’s camping out with frogs.

André LeFort wraps up his track season with an ok effort, not long after his excellent 5k.

We haven’t had a post on barefoot running in a while. Here’s one now!

Swallowing a little bit of water can help you combat the effects of dehydration. It’s the swallowing that seems to be key!