Start List/Liste de Départ: Train kept a rollin’

There are going to be train metaphors, lots of them, for the next little while. You’ll see why…

Kevin Rooke has not blogged in a while, but from his last blog, we know that a teammate of his had a tough time. Unfortunately, the news is not good, as Marko Cehseto had to have his legs amputated from frostbite.

Sorry to start on such a downer. Soctt Donald brings us back up with a post about Cross Nationals. It’s almost time. That’s a fun video. Too bad it’s about US Cross Nationals. Meanwhile Ian Donald shares some Montreal beats.

Ryan’s balls are hard. I’m not sure what that means exactly. Doesn’t sound comfortable.

Apparently, Quebec can not get enough of minimalism. Daniel Riou reports on one of Blaise Dubois’ conferences. He makes the important observation that some of these minimalist studies have been paid for by Vibram. What are we to make of that?

Dave Cavall asks the question: a ten-year national championship career or a life of running? If you had to choose, is there really any choice?

An eviceration of the 10,000 hour concept.

How our body uses food is way more complicated than a simple equation of carbs+proteins+fats+nutrients. It’s the mix that counts, and the body knows it!

The Internet is full of science, but not necessarily full of scientists… I think this is a good warning. we try to link to people we know are experts, or who will write about experts. Help us keep our links real by calling any bullshit you might see in them. The internet is not always the best place for debate, mostly because people come across the wrong way and also blow things out of proportion, but the beauty of it is that most of the answers are out there.