Start List/Liste de Départ: Vancouver riot edition

Nothing really riot-related, but gotta get the hits, you know! Ha! Actually, here is one, tangentially related to the Canucks, only because it is from the Choke blog! It’s about how in times of stress, we choose the more familiar path, even if it’s not the best option.

From a guy who ran 27:39 on a crappy cinder track: “Athletics is a hobby…I like to please myself how and when I train so that my hobby doesn’t intrude on my business career. And it really is a hobby; a personal recreation rather than an international project.” Ron Clarke.

Good analogy about returning from an injury by Andre Lefort.

Kids doing triathlon.

Malindi Elmore on pre-race jitters.

Running more helps you overcome genetic predispositions.

Running gadgets: useless or completely useless?