Start List/Liste de Départ: Waiting at the station

Cross season is now officially done, with the Canadian champs running through the mud on Saturday in Vanvouver. Vids and results at TNFNorth.

And while that was going on, indoor track was underway at McGill. Sturk got the footage for us.

Reid Coolsaet thinks we are missing the point when it comes to achievement.

Speaking of high acheivers, Jane is achieving in the eyes of her doormen.

Trimes has some end of season awards for you. We got one!

Some thoughts on competition from Percy Cerruty, and thoughts on training from Ron Daws.

Anton gets it done.

There is always inspiration out there.

Meggan Franks (Ryan’s cousin in Mississippi) shares her goals for the year.

Ian Donald is visiting the big town.

Breaking all the rules! SweatScience says it’s ok!

Elite athletes are eschewing dairy! Ha! I knew it. Evil milk lobby! It’s dinosaur food for me.

Vive les longues sorties!

Daniel Riou partage 6 façons de s’entrainer.

One way is on the treadmill, or as I like to call it, the Dreadmill…but Mailindi Elmore likes it.