Start List/Liste de Départ: Workin’ for the weekend

Hey: my summer fiction serial about running has begun at Canadian Running Magazine. Every Friday a new episode. Dickensian drama at it’s best! Maybe…

And don’t forget the Science of Running talk about Boutique Endurance tonight!

Ok, enough of the promotion, on to the blogs!

New blog: Amy Golumbia. Amy is a fantastic person, very inspirational, and you should read her blog. She jumped in the Calgary Half Marathon this weekend and pulled off third place and a PB.

Mindfulness meditation? Sounds like running.

Shout out (link out?) to Trimes and others doing the Mooseman this weekend.

The Toronto boys are gearing up for Oct 16th. Looks like this is going to be a huge day in Canadian marathoning. I may come out of retirement myself…

Oh boy. African dominance: nature or nurture? The debate continues.

A graph for the perfect training formula? I think I saw something like that on TED talks, actually…

Think participation medals don’t matter? Think again. Stupidity? Or Courage?

Videos from the Victoria Track Series.

Triathletes scored some swag! Also, I wish they would be more clear about who was writing what post. Maybe I’m supposed to know, but…I don’t.

Another very useful link from Trimes: converting mph and kph into min/mile and min/km. Only goes as fast as a 5min/mile, but still, very nice tool to have.

Herb Elliot quote on training. The way I usually put it is, it’s simple, but it’s not easy.

Related: Some perspective from Khadevis Robinson. You don’t need all that fancy training stuff. You just need to run.

Matt Lincoln has been training in Philly. He’s got the video to prove it!

Rob Waston blogs about animals.
Watson’s blog is great, if you didn’t already know that. He’s what I would consider the Down Goes Brown of running blogs. That is: a must read. He’s got a new post? You go and read it.

Geoff Martinson has some points organized in order of importance. Last on the list: cellphones won’t kill you. Will they?