Changes come at me.

Roll the punches.

Fight this? A wave.

Fight this? It brews.

You become, I behave.

Lace it up; mile therapy.

I’ll start with a long-over-due recap;

My University running career is over. I finished by qualifying in the 3000m at the 2014 CIS Track and Field Championships in Edmonton with a pb of 8:14 on a flat track. It was the first time I was able to compete at CIS’ as my old university in Montreal was not interested in funding a track team. It was amazing to be there. Although I didn’t have the best performance on the day, I’m proud to say I stuck my nose in it. The pace was slow for the first 600m then dropped to 6 or 7 laps @32s. I’ve never reacted so well in a pace changing race before. I fell apart in the last 600m, it was a #strugglebus home.

A little over a year ago I had just gotten back from Kenya and quickly moved down to London, Ontario. I wrote about big changes, and tough personal things that I was dealing with (I think). A year later, not much has changed. Big changes continue to happen.

I finished Teacher’s College and have found a job. Its temporary, the plan is to stay close to home, and get on the subbing list for the fall. I’ve been away from family and friends in Montreal and the Eastern Townships for too long. I recently called them collectively as my pillars. Its tough creating a new foundation to feel stable in a new and unfamiliar place.

Coming back to Montreal has really confirmed to me that this is my home for the time being. A friend of mine welcomed me back with open doors, allowed me to stay, and it was through him I was able to find work quickly. I’ve also managed to find a sweet apartment on the mountain through mutual friends, so I’m looking forward to getting into my own space.

Coming off of my rest after indoors has been plagued with stupid decision after accident after stupid decision. I thought it would be fun to follow the Western XC team on a mud run in the spring. I slipped and fell hard, which set off a series of other issues that I’ve had to deal with since. At the present moment both my Achilles Tendons are stressed to the point that I have pain walking, which makes it essentially impossible to run. My cross training has been sporadic, kind of like my schedule, and I haven’t been able to lean on my teammates for support as much as I would like.

As a result, my summer season is kind of on hold, but not quite scrapped. I’ve been on a couple runs here and there to test my legs, and the indication is that once I’m good to go it won’t take me long to get into racing shape again. The plan is to get 100% and then aim for provincials, or some late summer track races, if there are any, then set my sights on xc, Canadian Champs being the big goal.

I really just have to be patient, and continue to recover aggressively. Sounds a lot like the habits of any healthy runner, really.


-Dragon out